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Turning a hobby into business can bring surprising rewards
Do you have a hobby that you get great enjoyment from? Is your hobby something that can enhance the lives of people? Maybe you have a hobby that can take you out of the world of working for someone else and into working for yourself. The results can be magical. Last week I met a man who turned his hobby into a profitable business enterprise and he says he’s never been happier.
Norm Brozovich had spent 18 years of his life selling insurance and dealing with all of the politics wrapped around working for a large insurance company. In his free time, to unwind from the stresses of his job he found solace in raising and training Birmingham Roller Homing pigeons. 

Slowly becoming disillusioned with his work Norm decided to start looking at his hobby as a means of making a little money on the side. He purchased 100 White Racing Homing pigeons and started advertising in the bridal supplements of his local newspaper his White Dove Releases to add gala to the wedding ceremony. Brides to be started calling to add this service to their ceremonies and Norm started making a little money on the side. 

The excitement clients displayed when seeing dozens of beautiful white doves with wings spread wide encircling the blissful newlyweds, gave Norm the inspiration to enhance and expand his operation. He realized that there was plenty of money to be made with white dove releases but he also knew that there were quite a few others in the same business. Norm knew that he had to make his business special and unique. 

Using his skills from years of selling life insurance Norm decided to target funerals. He visited the funeral homes in his area and offered a free white dove release just to get the funeral director to see how inspiring this could be for a graveside ending. Several bought in immediately and Norm was well on the way to tapping an untapped market. During a conversation he said, “Inspiring and uplifting the funeral home’s clients are most important to me. And, I spend time searching for just the right music, just the right words and of course just the right amount of doves for a beautiful display. I feel good by making others feel better.” 

To enhance his business he built several wooden cathedrals that house 25 birds awaiting release while he holds one or two in his hand that will lead the release. When the religious service concludes Norm steps forward and with music playing in the background from his portable stereo, gives a brief presentation regarding the spirit riding the wings of the beautiful white dove. A minute or two after releasing the bird in hand, it seems that out of nowhere dozens of white winged doves fill the sky. The genius in Norm designed a remote door opener into the wooden cathedrals. At the touch of a button in his pocket the doors open and the birds fly out and fill the sky. 

I had the pleasure of watching Norm in action recently at the funeral of a relative. And for sure, it was a very uplifting and inspiring and a beautiful thing to witness. 

Norm told me that his five-year plan is to continue raising and training birds and adding a few employees to his operation. And from the looks of things, I’m sure he will realize his plan. 

Norm’s story is a perfect example of turning a hobby into an enterprise. The next time you find yourself stuck on what business to go into to, take a look at how you spend your past time. Is there profit in your hobby? Can it enhance the lives of others? If the answer is yes you owe it to yourself and the public to get your hobby to market as soon as possible. 

As for Norm, He calls his company Memory Makers and he sees a great future ahead. Stop by his web and give Norm the thumbs up for continued success at

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