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We Are The “Premier” White Dove Release Company Serving Western Pennsylvania For Over 18 Years

More and more families are discovering the sense of comfort and peace that a white dove release brings to the family members and friends at the end of a loved one’s funeral or memorial service. Once the service has concluded, we begin to play a beautiful hymn or favorite song in honor of your loved one.

During the playing of the hymn a single white dove is released in your loved one’s memory, followed by the release another group of white doves. Once all of the doves are released, they will join together in a group and fly in a circle above the ceremony while the music continues to play. The result is a very beautiful ending to the service and a warm memory made for your family and friends.

We will give all of your guests and family the opportunity to touch the dove while the music is playing. The reason for releasing two doves together is, for the occasion when children are putting to rest their second parent. This two dove release will symbolize them being together again for eternity. In either case, it is a very moving tribute. Many relatives, family friends and funeral directors are giving a dove release, as a gift, to the family of the deceased. What a wonderful, affordable and memorable gift this is!

These types of releases can be done at the graveside, mausoleum, cemetery chapel or funeral home or anywhere of your choosing.

We ask that you please take a moment to read some of our testimonials. We approach each service as if it were for our own family.

Special Funeral Pricing

Memory Makers offers a specially priced package for funerals services.

May thru September “6 (minimum) to 10″ Dove Release- $250.00

November thru April “2 to 6 doves” depending on the weather- $250.00 The number of doves we will bring depends on, the time of the year, the weather and the number of funerals we have that day

NOTE: Travel Expense

For Release areas over 25 miles from Apollo PA add $50.00 t0 our $250 charge

Families can also make arrangements for a release, or discuss price for a larger release, by contacting us at 



Families or individuals can open the order form below to see what information we will need to do the dove release for you. After speaking with us, if you use a smart phone, you can download our order form, print it, complete it, take a photo of it with your phone and text it to my cell number ‪724-681-5774

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